The 4 Foundations For Fantastic Health

There are 4 systems in the body that if taken care of, cleaned and nourished can be the foundation for healing the body of whatever disease you face.

As an herbalist/vitalist, I view the body as a whole. I believe that if the body is giving the correct and proper amount of nutrients with time, can heal itself, no matter the disease. Obviously, this is not easily done if you have a serious disease, but it is possible.

We live in a world that is sick and diseased. Everyone knows someone that a disease such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, autoimmune disorders, depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue, Obesity and the list goes on have affected them. It’s everywhere!

The sad part is that not many people attribute their illness to the foods that they are eating and the life they are living.

For this article I want you to view the body as a plumbing system. We have miles and miles of plumbing throughout our body. Blood veins, arteries, lymphatic ducts, Small and large intestines. Throughout life most of us ate a lot of processed garbage food that our bodies were never meant to eat. Our bodies were not meant to eat synthetic micro and macronutrients. We were meant to eat whole, living, unprocessed foods straight from the ground.

Then men and business came along and started to process foods to patent them and sell them. You can’t patent broccoli but if you blend it up, dehydrate it and package it then wa-la you have your own product. That’s good, it’s not bad to eat but it’s not the best. There’s good, better, and best. We want the best foods in our body to heal, nourish and strengthen.

These processed foods that we eat everyday such as dairy, refined carbohydrates, cookies, crackers, donuts, cereals, breads, pastas, processed sugars etc… were never meant to enter our body. But they are good and so we continue to eat them.

But what does that do to our bodies over time?

Well, just like our plumbing system things start to build up. Food sticks to the intestinal walls, to the veins and arteries, the lymphatic system gets congested and THAT is the recipe for disease. Lets look at the two most mucus causing foods, milk and cheese for example. They have a protein call casein and guess what? Casein is a natural glue. It’s been homogenized, pasteurized, injected with hormones and antibiotics and we then have the government telling us that we need to drink milk because it is healthy for our bones…. WRONG! Avoid dairy at all costs.


Let’s talk about the 4 actions you can take to have much better health.

#1 – Eat Clean

Let’s talk about poop for a second. As I mentioned above. Our digestive tract is like a plumbing system that is one pipe from mouth to rectum. Each and every day we dumb junk down the hatch and we continue to do that for years and years without thinking of consequences.  Little do we know that our colon is taking a beating and that over time we get fecal matter buildup. All the fecal matter sticks to the side of the colon and rots causing disease. Dr Natasha Campbell, Author of The Gut and Psychology Syndrome book, described it as such with her patients that have autism and psychiatric disabilities.

We need to clean, nourish and heal our colons by changing our diets and focusing on healing foods and herbs. The world in which we live now days is loaded with toxins. We encounter them everyday and we need to clean our colon first. This takes time. We get into this mindset of the quick and easy fix. Our illnesses did not happen overnight, rather it was years of eating the wrong foods and living the wrong lifestyle to where our bodies snapped and we “all of the sudden” got sick. So it is with healing the body. It takes time, patience and persistence and if done correctly the illness can be eradicated.

#2 – Drink Lots of Water

Let’s talk about pee. Our kidneys, along with the colon, filter toxins every second of the day. The kidneys take a beating with all the garbage we put in our bodies. After focusing on the colon we need to clean, nourish and heal the kidneys. Get them filtering properly by eating proper foods, supplementation of herbs, drinking LOTS of water and stop putting garbage into our bodies. We don’t drink enough water. Most people are highly dehydrated without even realizing it. The kidneys NEED lots of water to clean your blood. If they are not clean then your blood is not clean.

#3 – Detox Your Body

Lets talk about the project manager of the body. After your nutrients are absorbed from the colon into the bloodstream the nutrients go straight to the liver. The liver detoxifies the foods and then tells the nutrients where they need to go and stores what needs to be stored and 500 other functions.Once again, If we are eating processed foods, drinking sugar drinks, drinking alcohol, and living a sedentary lifestyle our liver is going to take a beating. So if you’re following this procedure, after you have cleaned and are maintaining the colon and kidneys then you next task is to start detoxifying, nourishing and healing the liver. The liver, while detoxifying, empties into the colon. So it is important to have the colon clean and functioning properly.

#4 – Cleanse Your Blood

Let’s talk about the life-giving force. Now that we have the 3 main elimination channels eliminating properly we can start cleaning, building and healing the bloodstream. Think of your blood like a crystal pure river and then you go and dump oil and tons of garbage into it. That’s what we are doing to our blood. The main job of the bloodstream is to deliver oxygen and nutrients to each cell of the body but if it has been tainted with disease, and toxins then you are delivering garbage to your cells. We need to clean the bloodstream. Pull out all the toxins in the blood, take them to the kidney and liver to poop and pee them out. Once this is done we are ready to start healing your disease.


We now have your body flowing properly. We can now start taking in foods and herbs that are specific for your condition. For example, if you have thyroid issues then you can start taking iodine, soothing herbs and other organic supplements that will go in and nourish that gland. so it is with whatever illness you are dealing with. If you have cancer you get your body cleaned out and CHANGE THE ENVIRONMENT of your body. Cancer and disease do not thrive in a clean environment. If you clean your house then you don’t have a sickness.

As I mentioned earlier. Following this procedure will take time. It may take a long time to do it too. It’s all worth it in the end. And you don’t do it to just go back to your bad eating habits and lifestyle. The purpose for doing these cleanses is to set you up for success with your health and start living a life of vibrancy, energy and good health