What is lipoma


What is lipoma? You might have asked yourself this question after doing a little research online about any semi-hard fat nodules you might have found on your body. Finding these fat nodules might have even shocked you or have you worrying whether or not these growths are cancerous or not? Those were some of the thoughts that went through my head when I discovered lipomas on my forearms and thighs. It’s always wise to get your lipomas checked out by a doctor to make sure.

Defining what lipoma is

A lipoma is a noncancerous growth of fatty tissue cells. A lipoma can develop in almost any organ of the body although they are most commonly found in the subcutaneous layer just below the skin.  A lipoma usually grows slowly and is a non-painful mass that is soft and movable under the skin. Lipomas can also be associated with other syndromes where they are not so harmless.

Although lipoma may develop in varying age groups, it is primarily seen in the third and fourth decade of life. The occurrence of lipoma is more prevalent in woman than men; and is usually a single lipoma instead multiple. Men on the other hand have a higher incidence of multiple lipomas on their body. When there are multiple occurrences of lipoma this is references as Adiposa dolorosa which may be hereditary. Children (congenital) lipomas are rare and usually stem from a hereditary condition and are mostly inherited.

A rare disease called adiposis dolorosa a swelling of the body and fatty deposits (lipomas) occur which apply pressure to the nerves; this results in weakness and sometimes extreme pain. The amount of discomfort, irritation, or pain from the growth of a lipoma depends upon where in the body and what surrounding tissue or organ the lipoma has affected.

Causes of Lipoma

Everything that I have found online from the traditional medicinal world says the cause of lipoma is not fully understood. There are some beliefs and theories among doctors and other authorities that the occurrence of lipoma is hereditary and can even be triggered by minor injury. My grandpa had about 6-8 lipomas the size of quarters on both his right and left forearms so this hereditary claim carries a little weight with me. Who knows though at this point if it really had a major influence into my case. I am exploring alternatives that provide insight into the “WHY” and “HOW” these lipomas develop and “WHAT” to do about removing them naturally from a nutritional therapeutic point of view. Here’s a snap-shot image of the lipoma on my right forearm.what is lipoma - trent's lipoma on right forearm

Lipoma Cures/Solutions

Surgery is one option. My personal opinion, as mentioned above, is to try to heal them from within if at all possible and then consider surgery as a last resort. You can only image how many scars you’d have if you have lots of lipomas on your body if you surgically removed them! All the sources I have read thus far state there is no cure for lipoma and you have to either “deal with them” your entire life, or have to surgically remove them. I for one don’t believe there is no “cure” for lipoma, I just think there hasn’t been enough funds devoted toward this research to merit such a claim as of yet. I am far more fond of attacking the root of any problem instead of temporarily removing the symptom. Many times lipomas grow back even after they are surgically removed.

Symptoms of having lipoma

Other than seeing and feeling the fat deposits on your body, you may experience nerves being pinched as a result of the lipoma build up.

My perspectives about lipoma involve a few aspects that deal  directly with heredity as it relates or is triggered by the lack of or abuse of nutrition, exercise, ones strength of spirit, joy, happiness and power of the mind. My research of the cause of lipoma appears that heredity is consistently referred to as being a major reason why these hard fat deposits develop. If heredity is the major culprit then it begs the question of how the foods we eat, the environment we live in, the air we breath, and other factors could very well influence or trigger certain genes in the body to express themselves. All of the aforementioned factors I believe could very well cause benign fat nodules to develop primarily in the subcutaneous tissue layers of skin in various places on the body.

I’m currently tracking the current state of condition I am in, the foods I eat, the dates and forms of exercise, and an assessment of the state of mind I create for myself. Paying attention  and tracking these items I believe may provide some extra insight into naturally removing lipoma without surgery and may help others make educated decision about what could be best for them. Doing this should not only attack the root of the cause of lipoma, but provide the entire body with overall improved health.

Do you have a lipomas? If so for how long? How many? And what are you doing to remove them naturally? Has anything worked for you? Let me know in the comments below! I’d be glad to respond to you.

Herbs for Lipoma:

I found out that there are a number of effective herbs that can be taken to help stop lipomas from getting bigger for me and even shrinking them. I’ve seen all of my lipomas stop getting bigger and getting smaller when taking the herbal formula below in combination of having changed my lifestyle/dietary habits each day. Here are some of the major nutritional and lifestyle habits I have adopted to help overall health and reduction of lipomas:

  • eating clean & organic consisting of a diet of 90% plants and 10% animal
  • consume fish oil
  • consume live foods with each meal every day (salads, raw carrots, veggies, etc.)
  • fast for at least 1 day each month and/or go on a specific bowel, liver, kidney cleanse every 4 months
  • getting enough rest 6-8 hrs
  • reducing or eliminating dairy, red meat
  • consuming less than 50 grams of sugar of any type per day
  • reduce stress by using various techniques like meditation
  • getting enough exercise. 1hr a day of walking, or anything else you enjoy
  • be happy, find joy in daily living, stay positive, hopeful and full of vibrancy
  • etc.

Here are the main herbs in the lipoma herbal forumula I take. The formula can be purchased here at the Nutrition Principles store (Lipoma Herbal Formula):


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