Why is Coconut Oil Good – Four Reasons to Use this Oil

With heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure on the rise, many people are looking for ways to stay healthy naturally.  Although many oils are made of  “bad” fats, coconut oil has been known to provide many health related benefits to many of its users.  Why is coconut oil good ?  Many people have asked this question; therefore, here are the five best ways to use coconut oil in your daily life.

1 – Diabetes Prevention

Why is Coconut Oil Good – Five Best Ways to Use this Oil

Although some may think coconut oil is bad, it has been proven that it can assist with regulating blood glucose levels.  Keeping your glucose levels under control can help prevent diabetes in many individuals.

2- Bone and Dental Health

Taking coconut oil improves the absorption of both calcium and magnesium in the body.  Having the right amount of calcium prevents tooth decay and helps build strong bones and teeth.  For many women, having sufficient levels of calcium and magnesium is critical for preventing osteoporosis.

3- Hair & Scalp Support

Why is coconut oil good to use for the hair and skin: Using coconut oil in the hair and on the scalp is a great nutritional supplement that provides many health benefits for the user.  Coconut oil can facilitate the elimination of lice, dandruff, and other scalp and skin irritations.  Many hair salons are adopting this same principal into many of their hair care product lines. Coconut oil, overall, can help you with maintaining and promoting a healthy head of hair and scalp.

4 – Improved Skin Care & Anti-aging properties

Many people are looking for products to prevent aging.  Using coconut oil on a regular basis can delay the formation of wrinkles.  Coconut oil has anti-aging properties.  This is not the only benefit that the skin receives from using coconut oil.  Other skin ailments such as psoriasis, eczema, and other skin infections and irritations depend on coconut oil to alleviate some of the pain and cure these illnesses.

Now that you know at least 4 major benefits of  what coconut oil is good for you start to implement it in your diet to begin reaping the benefits of it in your overall health.