What is Sucanat Sugar and Why is it Better Than Other Sugars?

What is Sucanat Sugar

sucanat-sugar-all-natural-caneSucanat Sugar is a sweetner that is used as a substitute for regular cane sugar. It can be used for baking and other forms of cooking. It can also be used to sweeten certain drinks like coffee or tea. What makes it different than regular cane sugar is that it contains smaller particles and it is processed differently than regular cane sugar. Some benefits of Sucanat Sugar is that it retains more of its vitamins and minerals during the processing stages. This makes it more nutritous and healthier than simple cane sugar.

Sucanat Sugar simply comes from Cane sugar that has been refined. It is an organic product. The process goes something like this. Sugar cane trees are harvested in large quantities and taken to a factory to be processed. These trees are cut into smaller pieces and then crushed to extract the juice from the sugar cane tree. This Sugar Cane juice is then heated and cooled under extreme conditions. As this juice begins to cool, fine crystals will form. These crystals are harvested, and this is what is known as the Sucanat Sugar.

How does Sucanat Sugar Differ from other Sugars

The Sucanat Sugar is different from other sweeteners because it is made from the sugar cane tree. Sucanat Sugar is derived from the words sugar, cane, and natural. It’s the combination of the three words. Other benefits of Sucanat Sugar is that it contains less sucrose than many other leading sugars and sweeteners. Sucanat Sugar is not as sweet as other sugars and sweeteners.

For people looking to purchase an organic product, they should invest in Sucanat Sugar. It contains high levels of molasses. Many consumers have stated that when it comes to taste, it resembles the flavor of brown sugar. Due to its high levels of potassium and other nutrients, Sucanat Sugar is said to be the healthier choice of all sugars. These are some of the other added benefits of using Sucanat Sugar. If you are looking for a sweetner that contains less sucrose and is high in potassium and other nutrients, Try going organic by using Sucanat Sugar.