What is Gerson Therapy and How You Can Heal Yourself

what is gerson therapy

My Recent Experience

Recently, I watched a couple of the most fascinating documentaries! They are called “The Beautiful Truth” and “The Gerson Miracle”. These documentaries introduced to me the power of healing the body through food and a few other very natural methods. After watching these documentaries I ordered the book “The Gerson Therapy”. I read this book in about a week This book contains a very detailed description of how to heal yourself along with incredible testimonials!

What is Gerson Therapy

The Gerson Therapy began with a man named Dr. Max Gerson (1881-1959). He was a man so clearly ahead of his time when he researched and developed this most incredible dietary program for healing. His daughter, Charlotte Gerson has taken his teachings and implemented them in many countries as well as written many books for specific diseases and cancers with detailed instructions of how to heal yourself either on your own or under the supervision of a physician they recommend. Because of legality issues here in the United States, The Gerson Therapy is not something that you can talk to your doctor about. So Charlotte Gerson carries on her work in other countries and makes available the information for those of us here in the United States so as an individual we can find answers for healing on our own.

“Dr. Gerson’s therapeutic program seeks to regenerate an ailing body and bring it back to health by flooding the sick patient with nutrients and adopting other modalities. The nutrients come from raw juices plus raw and cooked solid organic vegetarian foods generously consumed. The Gerson Therapy also stimulates metabolism, eliminates toxins and restores sluggish waste-removal functions of a patient’s liver and kidneys. The Gerson Therapy recommends a low-fat, salt-free program of food consumption to supply the body’s cells with easily assimilated nutrients for strengthening ones natural immune defenses. In our modern society of processed packaged foods frequently containing preservatives, additives, dyes, and sometimes outright carcinogens, all forced upon us by accompanying massive amounts of media propaganda and advertising, the Gerson Therapy admittedly presents a difficult dining program to follow. Yet if a sick person is serious about recovery, then adopting the Gerson therapeutic technique does assure the restoration of wellness.”

“At the core of the Gerson Therapy is its diet, which includes organically grown fresh fruits and vegetables and thirteen glasses of freshly squeezed juices daily, taken at hourly intervals. No meat is allowed. On the Gerson therapeutic program, all animal protein is omitted for the person who is ill during the first six to twelve weeks of treatment and is kept to a minimum thereafter. For detoxification, Dr Gerson employed coffee enemas, which patients self-administer several times daily. The coffee enema enables ill patients to eliminate toxic breakdown products of rapidly dissolving tumor masses or from the healing reactions of formerly dysfunctional cells generated by the effects of the Gerson therapy. Caffeine taken rectally stimulates the liver activity, increases bile flow and opens bile ducts so that the liver can excrete toxic waste more easily. Coffee enemas are excellent for preventative medicine as well as for treatment. They also bring about remarkable pain relief.”

Dr. Gerson Recommendations

There are a few other supplements that Dr. Gerson recommends in order to help aide the body in detoxification. These few supplements include thyroid extract, potassium iodide, liver extract, pancreatic enzymes and niacin.

In one of the documentaries I watched the statement was made in effect that as we are fed nutrionally, our bodies will naturally crave less of the processed foods we American so enjoy. We as Americans are nutritionally starved, and so we are never satisfied by American, processed food because there is virtually no nutritional benefit from them. If we give our body the nutrients it needs we will feel well and satisfied.

This may seem like quite a detailed and overwhelming thing to do in order to heal, but to me, it seems quite simple. Are we human’s synthetic? Why would we need synthetic chemicals to heal? Does it not make sense that natural ingredients from our own earth provide the greatest healing?

Heal Yourself – The Gerson Way

Hippocrates – “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

Sources: The Gerson Therapy by Charlotte Gerson and Morton Walker, D.P.M. pages 2-4.
Gerson Website: www.gerson.org

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