Why Viewing Health As A Vitalist Is Key

The view of the vitalist. This post is simply to let you know what my view on health is, so when you read my other blog posts you will understand the angle i’m coming at.

To start off we need to go back in time when the division in medicine was thought to begin.

There were two people that influenced  our approach on medicine now days.

First was the well known Hippocrates.

This is a quick comparison between the two view points.

Vitalists- Hippocrates came along he was able to study the writings on the temple walls and look for patterns in medicine. separated religion and philosophy from medicine. coined the phrase “First, Do no harm.” Vitalists are helpers. builders. They help the sickness in it’s course. Not suppress it. Vitalists observe nature and help it in it’s course. They believe the body has an inherent ability to move towards wellness. If the environment is clean then it is able to heal and function properly.

Atomist- (They CONTROL, FIGHT, KILL) Democritus came along in the days of Hippocrates and was saying that natural health is just like your faith in God. His view was are we all is matter. All we have to do is act on it with other matter to change it’s course. If you can’t see it then it doesn’t exist. They believe in what they can see. They believe that we are made up of matter and so CONTROL the matter in us with other matter. The body comes out of balance chemically so they fix it with chemicals.


New York 1968. Garbage men went on strike for not being paid enough and there was garbage everywhere! Piles and piles of it. With our examples above, if you were a modern doctor and wanted to fix the problem of the garbage man strike what would you do?

Exactly what they did during the strike! You would spray it to keep the stink down so that people don’t complain about the nasty stench. But what does that do?… It creates another problem. It invites rodents and other pests in and they infest the garbage mound and spread disease. 

Now, If you were a vitalist in this situation what would you want to do? Pay the garbage man more money! Get them back to work and cleaning up the streets, and houses.

Houses are like our cells we create trash and need to take it out but if it’s blocked up then the cells get backed up with garbage.

The problem with modern medicine is that they block the normal function of the body. I don’t want to make it seem like i am anti modern medicine. It has it’s place in very acute situations. But it should not be the system that we rely on for health. Medical doctors need to stay away from chronic illness and focus on the broken bones and surgeries.



There’s only one cause of disease. CONSTIPATION/blockage/ accumulation of toxins. If a semi-truck on the freeway Crashes and blocks the entire freeway we gotta clean out the mess so the everything can flow properly. As a vitalist my view of disease is that there is only one disease. Constipation. Whether it’s constipation of the brain, heart, arteries, lymphatic system, kidneys, liver etc…. Doctors now days diagnose hundreds of diseases and the only reason they give a diagnosis is so they can prescribe you medication. If they can’t find a diagnose then, in some cases, your as waste of their time.

We all deal with pain. What we need to realize is that pain is just letting us know that something is wrong in our body. When we take a painkiller it’s like clipping the fire alarm wire. We tell our body that we don’t care and we let the fire continue to burn.

Germs are opportunistic, we create the environment for them to come into our bodies and infest it with sickness. The more mucus forming food we eat the more we tell our terrible friends like cancer and other viruses to come right on in.


Our bodies are temples of God. They are gifts and God expects us to take care of them. There are certain laws put in order to take care of our bodies. If we don’t follow there will be consequences. Our bodies are made up from the dust of the earth (organic) it’s all organic. If we put synthetic material in then we weaken our bodies and start the disease process.

God wants us to be happy and healthy.

Full of life.

There are tons of foods of amazing foods out there. It’s so fun to learn to cook new meals with real food. Follow what’s best do you, not some fad diet. Find your own personalized diet because your body is different and unique. No one has the exact same body that you do.