Slippery Elm – Benefits – Uses – Nutrition Facts

Health Facts and Benefits of Slippery Elm Powder

slippery elmSlippery elm powder has also been know by other names such as: Gray Elm, Indian Elm,Red Elm and Moose Elm. It contains a fair amount of tannins which make this herb astringent. Tannins soothe inflammation, reduce swelling, and heal damaged tissues. This herb is also great for soothing a dry cough, hoarse voice  soothing ulcers, stomach inflammation and healing internal mucosal tissues. It’s been known to produce a calming effect on the mucus membranes of the throat and throughout the intestinal tract. It helps heal the tissues of the body. Slippery Elm is also an ingredient in bronchitis and lung remedies.

When you add the slippery elm bark powder to water it turns pale yellow. Some Cherokee indians used inner portion of the slippery elm bark for a healing salve. Additionaly, they observed this herb as one of the most effective poultices for wounds, boils, ulcers, burns and all inflamed surfaces, soothing, healing and reducing pain and inflammation.Slippery Elm trees, Ulmus Rubra, used to be more plentiful but many of them have died due to dutch elm disease. The many uses of the Slippery Elm tree were utilized by American settlers even used as survival food although historical records show very little proof that this herb was used as a nutritious food. Most times this bark was used to chew just like gum and as gum loses its flavor so does slippery elm albeit the flavor is natural compared to that of commercialized gum. This bark gave people who used it to chew something to keep their jaws busy. Slippery elm should be viewed as an herbal supplement not as a food. According to this source Slippery Elm bark powder was consumed by 5 people for a period of time and it helped with Psoriasis. Slippery elm tree bark powder is sold for medicinal purposes more than any other bark of a tree throughout the United States.

Slippery elm tree bark powder is considered to be safe for pregnant women, the elderly and infants. There are no contraindications that are known. Applying sound nutrition principles in our lives however dictate we never use anything in excess but rather in wisdom.

How to Use Slippery Elm Bark Powder for Human Use

Many people have taken it in oatmeal, orange juice, apple juice and water. Depending on how you prefer to take herbs you can take a teaspoon of it and wash it down with water, or you can stir it in to your favorite beverage or smoothie. Overall it’s best and easier to take it in a large amount of water, especially for children so they can simply drink it.

Where to Buy Slippery Elm Powder

You can buy slippery elm powder at your local health food store. Good Earth and SunFlower Market are two places to get it in Utah. Leave a comment below and let us know of local places to you where people can get it okay.

Product Review of Slippery Elm Powder

I’ve personally tried slippery elm powder and it’s not bad tasting at all, in fact it has a very mild and soothing feeling. It doesn’t leave any aftertaste that I’ve experienced. I’ve taken slippery elm powder primarily in water and sometimes in apple juice. If you’ve tried slippery elm tree bark powder share your comments and experience below. What did you personally use it for?


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  1. Pauline says:

    I use Slippery elm powder for many uses such as tummy upsets, sore throat, cold and congestion, sisnus and also as a police or bandage, it is a really useful herbal remedy to have in the kitchen.
    I give it to my dogs and it is excellent for puppies when they have an upset tummy. Wonderful product.

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