This One Method Reveals How to Restore ph Balance in the Body

If your body is too acidic it creates an environment for disease to form. In this short article I simply want to share one method I have discovered that works from me on how to restore ph balance in the body!

Learning how to restore ph balance in the body is a new topic for alot of beginners wanting to improve their health but it’s a very powerful step to implement to boost your immune system and overall health in the short and long term. For the last couple of years I have been pH-balancing my drinking water, and I have discovered the following three results and benefits as a result of implementing this one method of how to restore ph balance in my body:

  1. It boosts my immune system. I haven’t had a cold, flu, or anything else
  2. It helps others. When I saw some co-workers sick, I said to them: “come over to my desk, I have something that will help you quick. Bring your bottle of drinking water with you.” Then I put ionizing drops into their drinking water and some alkalizing drops in, and told them to drink it as much as they can. To their surprise, within one hour they felt relief and had no more symptoms. So, when a week later, or some time later, the other girl got a sorehow to restore ph balance in the body throat, I told her too to bring her bottle of water, gave her the same drops, and within the hour her sore throat was gone. So, whenever she got some symptoms of sickness, she came right over and asked: “Gerd, can you give me some drops?” Of course, I could. I was glad to help and show them that the proper pH balance makes all the difference in the immune system.
  3. Another way that I found that these drops help is when I go to the gym. After I do some aerobic exercises and start drinking my pH-balanced water, that, when I do one set on the weight machines, then drink some water and do the second set of reps, I had to check the weights on the machine, because, somehow the second set felt lighter. Of course, pH-balanced water goes right into the bloodstream and boosts your energy.


NOTE: I also personally found that by taking my Melaleuca supplements and drinking pH-balanced water my health has improved tremendously. Another way I found that I have more endurance when exercising. The nutrition principle to keep in mind is that the synergy of exercise, health supplementation and power of mind is the true power instead of just one single solution.

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